Health Benefits of Swimming in Cold Water

Boost Your Immune System

For your body, a sudden and radical change in temperature constitutes an attack – as any individual who’s at any point fallen over the edge in British waters will agree. What’s more, while “assaulting” your own particular body may not seem like something to be thankful for, there is no damage in keeping it on its toes. Actually, quite the opposite:

Scientists from the Czech Republic immersed witting subjects in cold water for one hour, three times a week and monitored their physiology. They found significant increases in white blood cell counts and several other factors relating to the immune system. This was attributed to the cold water being a mild stressor which activates the immune system and gives it some practice.

It Burns More Calories

The heart must pump faster and the body must work harder to keep everything warm while swimming in cold water. Overall, you will burn far more calories than swimming in hotter conditions. The idea that drinking cold water increases the number of calories you burn may be a myth, but it’s a fact that cold water decreases your body temperature so much that the body has to act. It’s no coincidence that cold water swimmers are generally thin.

Improve Your Sex Life

The suggestion of a cold shower might bring forth images of hot-headed young men trying to quell wanton urges but research paints a different picture.

In an investigation with a comparable arrangement to the one portrayed above, members washed up and were observed for changes. Notwithstanding some comparable outcomes to their Czech partners, these specialists additionally discovered expanded generation of testosterone and estrogen in men and ladies individually.

In addition to enhancing libido in both sexes, these hormones also play an important role in fertility. In fact, one technique recommended for men looking to fatherhood is to bathe their testicles in cold water every day.  Whatever your procreative desires, a dip of a different sort certainly could add an edge to your sex life.

It Reduces Stress

Stress is a demon in the modern world. When stressful times come, we are woefully unprepared for them. Reducing stress means you will feel better, you will feel more optimistic, and you will be more resilient when stressful times come along.

Cold water swimming places stress on the body physically and mentally. Many studies have told us about the link between cold water and stress reduction. Cold water swimmers are naturally calmer and more relaxed. They are stronger in the face of adversity.



Looking for Great Vacation Sites to Swim this Summer?


Swim Under The Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon, USA

The site is a treat for the eyes as you can see from the photo, but this is definitely also a good refreshment for the guests on a hot day, since it is accessible to swim in the pool under the falls.

The water amazes with its light blue coloration: it is due to magnesium and calcium. The double stream falls 30.5 meters (100 ft) down in to a pool, which spreads into a few terraces. The average water temperature is pleasant 21.1 C (70 Fahrenheit) degrees.

So, why not come swim at Havasu Falls if you are travelling around here?



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